nGlobaLink is a California corporation providing business development and digital marketing services for clients in the US and Asia. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, nGlobaLink has two subsidiaries in China with a team of over 60 professional staff.

Business Development – nGlobaLink management has broad experience and successful track record as well as in-depth relationships with business leaders in both the US and China. nGlobaLink can assist client companies and participate in business planning, strategic partnership, joint ventures, product distributions, manufacturing and merger and acquisitions.

Digital Marketing – nGlobaLink is a total solution provider of online and mobile rich-media emails and messages (nG mail) for enterprise communication, marketing and advertising campaigns. Using proprietary leading-edge technologies, nGlobaLink designs and delivers nG emails that employ vibrant streaming video, streaming graphics and dynamic HTML messages and digital magazines (nG magazine). nGlobaLink offers complete rich-media email solutions for global 1,000 and all forward-thinking companies worldwide looking to extend and enhance branding, sales generation, communication and advertising efforts. From campaign strategy to creative design, production, deployment, hosting, tracking, reporting, plus email database acquisition and management, nGlobaLink provides comprehensive and cost-effective rich-media solutions that deliver effective and persuasive marketing campaigns for impressive and measurable results.