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nGlobaLink utilizes internet applications and social media networks to empower our merchant members and subscribers to access and share timely and personalized information about products and services. nGlobaLink provides online and mobile platforms to enhance the convenience, experience and credibility of transactions of goods and services. nGlobaLink is a social-commerce provider, delivering targeted and personalized services to our business members and subscribers, as well as generating tangible value for the business world, consumer communities, and most importantly, our investors and shareholders.

With its headquarters in the Silicon Valley, California and a subsidiary in China doing business as China Green Pages, nGlobaLink generates incremental revenue streams and serves business and consumers in both China and the US markets.

China Green Pages integrates the power and benefits of social media networks and e-commerce to serve both the business world and consumer communities, and has explosive growth potential in the online and wireless market spaces. China Green Pages is positioned in unprecedented China distribution channels and market space.

China Green Pages has completed the development of its extensive online platform with a four-tiered revenue model: membership, revenue sharing, marketing and advertising. China Cuisine Green Pages was successfully launched in December 2010, and it has already signed up more than 5,300 restaurants and over 3,000 food suppliers in Shanghai alone. Shanghai has over 50,000 sizeable restaurants and 15,000 food suppliers. In addition to Cuisine, China Green Pages will launch additional sites to enhance people's daily life and essential needs in Housing, Fashion, Traveling and Entertaining.

nGlobaLink has one US subsidiary:    c4robo logo