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China Green Pages
The purpose of China Green Pages is to:
  • Establish a richly cultured e-commerce social network
  • Build trusted relationships
    • between market and customers
    • between product and users
    • between merchants and consumers
  • Create a mutually beneficial and profitable environment for business and investors
China Green Pages is an extensive network of merchant partners and well-organized consumer communities and is a virtual town square and market place where merchants and consumers meet for:
  • Information exchange
  • Social networking
  • Commerce
  • Targeted marketing
China Green Pages' five sites are tailored to enhance and serve people's essential daily lives:
  • Dining
  • Real Estate
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
Combining powerful partnership and proven technologies, which have been endorsed by Chinese government agencies and accepted and adapted by major corporate partners and customers, China Green Pages provides unique services to business and consumers:
  • Offer trusted and certified merchant and pricing information guidance
  • Deliver interactive content to targeted audience vs. typical web based ads waiting to be discovered
  • Provide merchants specific market feedbacks from consumers
  • Bring tangible incentives for merchant and customer acquisition and retention