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Green Pages integrates the power and benefits of social networks and e-commerce to serve both business world and consumer communities, and has explosive growth potential in online and wireless market spaces.

China Green Pages is positioned in unprecedented China distribution channels and market space. China Green Pages has completed the development of its extensive online platform with a four-tiered revenue model: membership, revenue sharing, marketing and advertising. China Green Pages is scheduled to launch five sites in the next 18 months. Its first commercial site, China Cuisine Green Pages, was successfully launched in December 2010, and it has already signed up more than 3,200 restaurants and over 1,000 food suppliers in Shanghai alone. Shanghai has over 50,000 sizeable restaurants and 30,000 food suppliers. In addition to Cuisine, China Green Pages will launch four additional sites to enhance people's daily life and essential needs in Housing, Fashion, Traveling and Entertaining.

China has 138 cities with populations of over one million people, including five cities with populations from eight to thirty million people. The market space and growth potential are immeasurable.

Unique technologies combining with market opportunities, integrated business model and partnership strategies, nGlobaLink will be able to accomplish its objectives in a relatively short period of time.