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Digital Marketing
Combining strategic expertise with state-of-the-art technology, nGlobaLink works with client companies from day one to ensure the most effective rich-email marketing campaign possible. The formats of digital marketing include, but are not limited to, rich media email, e-magazine and banner creation. The results are tangible, the ROI is real.

Digital marketing services include:

Campaign Consultation
  • Define objectives
  • Develop creative concepts
  • Plan strategic implementation
  • Assist in campaign analysis
  • Convert your marketing vision to lasting, one-to-one customer relationships
Creative Design
  • Collaborate on compelling art direction
  • Develop storyboards, script, voiceover and sound tracks
  • Collaborate to ensure consistent branding and message development
  • Develop, digitize and post campaign
  • Personalize and integrate with targeted email databases and websites
  • Target audience based on demographics determined by clients' list
  • Remove invalid and duplicated email addresses before deployment
  • Process bounce backs and opt-out requests
  • Detect recipients' speed of connection and email platforms
  • Appropriate streaming of content to ensure consistent viewing quality
  • Facilitate forwarding and viral marketing activities
  • Invaluable statistics tracked, collected and reported in real-time
  • Statistics include: the number of emails viewed, percentage of click-throughs, list of URL click-throughs, number of forwards and more
  • Tracking capability extendible through viral marketing
  • Reports available online 24/7
Email Database Acquisition
  • Apply effective strategies and advanced technologies
  • Grow permission-based in-house database
  • Integrate opt-in process and opt-in data management
  • Provide list management and list rental services
Email Database Management
  • Update, integrate, synchronize and categorize clients' email database in order to communicate with customers intelligently, personally and consistently