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C4Robo was created to respond to challenges and solve ever-increasing parking problems, especially in urban areas. C4Robo's Parking "Qube" offers parking building owners and developers, and more importantly, drivers, great benefits by creating up to 85% more parking capacity without requiring a larger footprint. C4Robo enables parking building owners and operators to gain significantly more income by increasing parking capacity using Qubes. Development in locations previously not meeting minimum parking requirements can now be viable with Qubes. Car dealerships can also benefit by installing Qubes.

The C4Robo Parking "Qube" is a three level automated robotic parking structure with a lift in the center and eight parking slots on each level, except for the main level, which has one slot designated for access. The Qube is designed to provide a quick, convenient, flexible and secure parking solution. The Qube provides customers with real-time information, through C4Robo Cloud Computing, of the nearest available Qube location and space, then allows a reservation and prepayment, via the C4Robo Qube app installed on smart phones.

Qube automation begins when a customer arrives and parks in the access slot of the Qube. The driver will exit the vehicle and go to an exterior Kiosk where a Parking ID Ticket will be issued. The Qube robot will move the car to an available slot within the Qube. The customer can retrieve their vehicle by using the C4Robo Qube app or submitting the Parking ID Ticket to the Kiosk. The consumer safely departs having had a superior and seamless parking experience.

Powered with C4Robo software and robotics, coupled with the Qube's quality, simplistic and enduring engineering, the Qube design is flexible and can be used in a wide range of environments and sizes. Qube increases space efficiency by up to 85%, yielding higher profits for the owner and decreasing annual operational costs per space. Supported by the C4Robo maintenance team, each Qube has sensors and cameras which are monitored 24 / 7 and a response team is dispatched when any issue is detected.

From each component of a Qube being recyclable, to the pre-reservation system allowing for less gas to be used by consumers (thus lessening air pollution), and powered by renewable energy, the C4Robo Qube is in a unique place in the parking industry and apart from all competitors.

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